100% recycable, No screw, No glue


Just put together and enjoy

Useful from either side; up or down

Designer's Description

Designer: Soheil Zeinali

Plywood+Stone= Plytone. Wood and wooden products have always been an indispensable part of the Scandinavian living style and craftsmanship. As an innovative and engineered wood, Plywood is a very efficient and eco-friendly way to enhance natural wood’s properties such as flexibility, durability and strength. These useful properties of Plywood have fascinated me in many aspects since a long time ago. Inspired and assisted by a couple of bright and experienced architectures and designer in Bulgaria who have worked professionally with Plywood, I have had privileged to design a series of frames made by Plywood which I have named as Plytone Collection containing; Plyross, Denkan and Tolvfoting.

Assembling components in this collection does not need any tools, screw or glue.  Proper planning, precise measurement, perfect cutting of plywood boards alongside handcrafted finish work, make plytone frames as a joyful and easy assembled piece of artwork. By following a couple of simple instructions, anybody would be able to put together components and transform pieces of Plywood into a gorgeous, contemporary and functional interior. 

Natural and versatile, would plytone frames encompass the mix of tradition and modernity at the same time. A marriage between plytone frames and natural stones, like a tabletop, could be a bold and unproven move, which I have aimed to introduce for the market, as a pioneer.

Paired with featured stone tops from Aura Stone,  Plytone frames offer affordable luxury for a wide range of people with a taste for stylish interiors with reasonable price-tag.

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It should be underlined that Tolvfoting frames are handcrafted artworks which barely will be manufactured according to customers orders. Likewise, selected stone-tops to this item are also subject for fabrication and required finish works. In other words, there is no mass-production and warehousing of this item. Delivery time for this item assumed to be 5-7 weeks.

Private buyers

If you are representing a private and no-commercial buyer, we have kindly to ask you to contact us for sending you further details such as available stone tops, frame colours, price range and most convenient sales&distribution channel close to you.

Commercial buyers

Our primary intention is to sell our products via sale representatives, retail resellers, wholesalers or similar sale channels. For that reason, we have developed very beneficial deals for these categories. Please contact us by filling the enquiry form.